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Acts of Violence

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been once again a rise in active shooter events across the country. I hear it all the time why learn how to deal with an active shooter event or other act of violence it won't happen here. Well, one can never tell when an event will happen. In the past year, there was a stabbing at a local grocery store in Mars Hill Maine. There have been numerous shootings at churches across the country not to mention the one at the grocery store in Buffalo NY

where the shooter traveled 200 miles and did recon before carrying out the act of violence.

If this is not enough to want to know how to recognize the possible signs of a possible event but how to manage it or even stop it. This includes training in stop the bleed or first aid. Topics also include how to recognize the signs of an individual escalating toward an incident of workplace violence. Being prepared for a situation is the first step in possibly preventing an incident. Not to mention it might not be where you work or go to school. These events happen in public places you visit every day including malls, grocery stores, places of worship, and as seen in that past event venues and movie theaters.

Remember train your life might depend on it and we train to protect you. We offer many classes that will prepare you for many situations no matter where you are.

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