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Protect what you love

Our Services

Risk and Threat Assessment

Do you feel safe in your home, office, business, or traveling we can provide you with a risk and threat assessment including a plan to mitigate the risks and threats?

Site Evaluation

Is your site or facility safe, we can come and do a site evaluation of your physical site security to determine if what you have meets your needs to keep you and your employees safe.

Training Solutions

We not only offer training in first aid/CPR we also can provide active shooter training, Management of Aggressive Behaviors training, and training for your security personnel and other staff emmbers.  We can train you at our facility or yours.

Executive Protection

Do you book meetings and trips for your boss or others in your office and do you know how safe they are while traveling.  Consider sending them with an executive protection agent.  This not only provides protection but makes a statement

Asset  Protection

Do you have assets that need protecting?  Assets and not just items of value but can be an individual like family members. These can also be items that are sentimental or of value.  The asset could also be a combination of life and valuables.  This provides. protection to the things that matter to you 

Armed Agents:


  • Are professional Career Armed Security Agents. Only ONE duty, to Protect at ALL costs. They are trained to advance toward the danger and never give up.

  • They have backgrounds in Military and Emergency services.

  • They receive training in firearms at or above current Maine State law enforcement standards monthly.

  • They are trained in Emergency Medical Response, Stop the Bleed, AED, and CPR, as a minimum standard.

  • They are subjected to extensive background investigations, including fingerprints and separate background checks and approval from the Maine Dept. of Education.

  • They receive continuous ongoing professional development training in Tactical, Medical, Incident Command, and more.

  • They are subject to drug screenings and a Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) which restricts alcohol intake and outside activities which could impair performance on the job.

  • They are equipped with the latest technology and apparatus to make each Sentinel as effective and survivable as possible including top-tier Armor, Firearms, Medical Equipment, Detection (Thermal and Night-Vision), and communications.


We Train School Staff because every adult is a part of the plan to protect our future. Our certified instructors will provide the following initial, refresher, and re-certification training to all school staff:


  • Stop the Bleed, CPR, FIRST AID, and AED.

  • Active. Violence. Emergency. Response. Training. (AVERT)

  • Management Of Aggressive Behaviors (MOAB)

  • Firearm Safety, including identifying different types of weapons and rendering them safe.

  • NRA Basic Handgun Course Certification and Defense Use instruction (Optional. If the district opts to Arm teachers as well)



Procedures, Plans, Policies, and Drills, because we know from experience that a plan in writing is no good without practice:


  • We will assist with Creating, Updating, Reviewing, and implementing Procedures, Plans, and Policies regarding Security and Safety, to ensure compliance with applicable Laws and Regulations as well as being current with the most up-to-date information and best practices.

  • We will assist with conducting drills to train on all-in-place plans.

  • We will assist with inter-agency coordination to ensure seamless response and awareness of procedures.

Your time and your environment.

We offer our security guards and executive protection throughout the state of Maine. Our training services, site evaluations, CPR, First-Aid, AVERT, and MOAB services are available across the United States.

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