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Training is part of what we do, security, medical, and even tactical.

When looking at what we do as security contractors we need special training. All of our training is done in-house and we offer the same training to the public as well. We can design a course or teach one through any of the certifying agencies we work with. We take pride in the skills and experience that we bring to our training. We do not just teach from a book.

We can train you in anything from basic first aid/CPR to the emergency medical responder level. We can even provide basic tactical medicine. We use training aids that provide a good practical side of learning with the hands-on portion of classes. We will even hold wilderness first aid courses for you in the winter and we can combine courses to include first aid and firearms safety. We believe if you carry a firearm you should have a minimum Stop The Bleed.

We can provide tactical pistol courses and other firearms training as part of any course or as a stand-alone. These courses require a minimum of a basic first aid certification and that can be added to any course. We also offer other courses in de-escalation and active violence response.

We can also work with you to design a class to meet your needs. Our instructors have a wide range of skill sets and experience from EMS, fire, military, security, and law enforcement backgrounds. This makes us a very diverse and well-rounded group. We enjoy teaching and sharing our experiences to better the learning experience for you. Training is important and should be taken seriously but you should still have fun while learning. Remember, train your life might depend on it we train in all types of weather and situations to be the best we can be. This is why we offer training to those that might want to have or need the experience. The best part of training is as an instructor meeting new people and learning new things from each class. Visit Maine and come train.

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