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Taking care of yourself and others

With the weather starting to warm up and people starting to get back to hiking, fishing, and camping learning the skills to take care of yourself and others in need is important. When you or someone else is injured time is of the essence and every minute counts. Learning first aid and CPR can save a life or even a simple stop the bleed course. These classes and the willingness to help when out on the trail could make the difference between life and death. So many people put off learning what I consider a life skill although it is also a perishable skill. This means if you don't use the skills you lose the skills so recertifying or seeking refresher training is a valuable tool. We offer free training to any of our students who want to get time to practice skills. Reach out and contact us about training. we offer in-person and remote classes or RSV courses through HSI. Come train with us and have fun while learning. Train like your life depends on it because someday it might.

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