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We are back

We have been busy trying to get a lot of things back on track after some personal issues that took me away from much of the day-to-day on maintaining the website. We are also back teaching classes and will be holding regular classes and courses locally but still can bring them to your site as well. Things are starting to pick up so online registration is up and running as is booking appointments for consulting online. I look forward to bringing you quality security services, consulting, and training.

One of my new accomplishments is that I have finished taking the NREMT course so I can renew my certification. I have also become an instructor for BLS healthcare provider through HSI and ECSI. This means we have expanded the classes we can offer including advanced first aid and the BLS. We will be adding some more classes that will include a home defense and Opioid Overdose (Use of Narcan) course.

Personalization of each class is another step we have made to make the learning experience at Farr & Associates better. Each student will now get a Farr & Associates certificate when they finish a course. Also, any First Aid/CPR class of 10 or more will have the chance to win either an IFAL or a small trauma bag. We want to make the learning experience fun as well as educational. Many new training aids have also been purchased to make the experience better for the students.

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